Juken’s role in the CIM Project is in the strategic business development. Together with its R & D and technical implementation partner GeniurSoft Sdn. Bhd, Juken has formed a tripartite consortium under Meteor Sdn. Bhd, whose role is also in frontline sales and training. Meteor is a government owned consortium of the 11 public universities set up to address shared technology and training development.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing or CIM is a manufacturing philosophy in which the fragmented operations of manufacturing are designed and integrated into a single computerised operating manufacturing system. CIM lets you control the integration and flow of information, from the designing and manufacturing process to the distribution and logistics, enabling you achieve your organizational goal more effectively. CIM systems typically include advanced performance enhancing solutions. One common example is the Statistical Process Control or commonly known as SPC.

CIM focuses on enhancing performance in the “back-end” production floor in a manufacturing plant. A TaskMaster CIM solution helps to reduce and solve problems such as product rejects and defects, machine downtimes and spare parts management. It also minimises production inefficiencies such as material loss and utilization. With CIM, manufacturing plants will see a vast difference in their data collection and management. For example, the time taken to prepare a summary report could be reduced significantly from two weeks to less that one minute as it is fully automated. This in turn makes the data more manageable, useful and easily available.

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning on the other hand focuses on the “front-end” of business operations and integrates the business and accounting aspects of manufacturing. A typical ERP solution includes Sales Processing from Customer Order to Billing, Stock or Inventory Management, Material Resource Planning and Capacity Planning.

CIM and ERP solutions are therefore complementary to each other.

Our mission is simple. We would like to provide world-class quality products and services for you to improve your own internal quality standards. We have a clear understanding of the local manufacturing environments, thus enabling us to create the most cost effective solutions for you.

TaskMaster CIM Solution can be fully integrated with all manufacturing processes to address product quality and defects in a proactive manner. TaskMaster CIM Solution can also complement your existing system to make it run even more effectively. We have a skilled and experienced team of people to provide you with product implementation, training, customer service and consultancy to ensure that you get the best support and benefits.



TaskMaster CIM Solutions

The Benefits

§      Achieve consistency in quality with less product wastage (below 5% defect rate!!).

§     Boost overall profit through reduction in Cost Of Quality (CoQ) that includes rejects, reworks, customer claims, etc and increasing productivity by minimising reworks and machine downtime.

§     Enhance customer satisfaction thus attracting potential international customers by delivering products with consistently good quality on time and responding to customers promptly.

§      Increase effectiveness of knowledge workers: Time to respond to problems and to produce production reports is reduced. In addition, accurate information is available to make appropriate decisions quickly.

§       Create more business opportunities and give you the competitive edge to compete and meet the challenges of globalisation.



TM-KPI : We simplify implementation of KPIs in the production floor by providing software solutions to record, track and analyse performance.

TM-Delivery keeps track of customer deliveries by recording the frequency, amount of time involved, and the cause of late delivery so that preventive measures can be taken.

TM-Material Loss complements the ERP system by keeping track of material wastage on every critical stage of the production process.

TM-Rejects keeps track of the rejects in the production floor. The software analyses the reject‘s information to determine its cause in order for you to take preventive measure.

TM-Customer Complaints keeps track of customer complaints. The software will monitor its frequency, cause and response time enabling you to improve customer satisfaction.

TM-CALTRACKER : A powerful software that allows you to easily manage equipment calibration. It reminds you when there is a need for an equipment to be calibrated and records the history of every equipment in order for it to be audited easily for ISO 9000 certification.

TM-MSA : A software that allows you to perform Measurement System Analysis (MSA) efficiently. It is consistent, reliable and is based on the QS 9000 specification, which has been used and accepted worldwide.

TM-GAGE INTERFACER : A utility software capable of transferring data directly from gages and measurement indicators to the PC through the serial port. Data from different equipments can be transferred to any software such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, notepad, etc. Suitable for any measurements that use gages and measurement indicators.

TM-AUTO CONTRACER : Software designed to capture contour data from a Contour Tracing Machine (Contracer) and automatically perform measurements such as length, angle and parallelism. Parts can be measured faster on a single Contracer and reports can be generated automatically.

TM-MOBILE LOGGER : Portable gage data collector with statistical analysis capability that is based on the Pocket PC Handheld computer. Products or processes data can be collected using different measurement equipments. You are now able to perform statistical analysis on the data at anytime and anywhere.

For more information or any enquiries on the CIM Project, please fill in the E-Form or contact Ain Ashura at 03 – 2093 6988 or you can e-mail her at ain@jukenworld.com


The Total Solution _ We offer you the best intelligent solutions customized to suit your business needs. Additional value-added products are also available as part of our TaskMaster Series in CIM package.

TM- SPC-OS : A plant-wide integrated solution that will enable you to implement Statistical Process Control (SPC) in your manufacturing operations. It links test and measurement equipment to your computer network and automates SPC data collection for easy analysis.

With TM SPC-OS, you can reduce workload and eliminate data error, review process performance, detect potential problems, which allows you to take proactive measure. TM SPC-OS turns your data into valuable information with flexible and powerful report generator in Microsoft Excel format. We provide you with the best combination of power, flexibility and ease of use. This is your opportunity to boost overall profits and improve productivity.

TM-DEFECT ANALYZER : Discover the root causes of your costly production by tracking and prioritising defects. Substantial reduce in cost can be accomplished with reduction of scrap, cycle time, rework, overtime, and cost related customer claims.

TM-MAINTENANCE MANAGER : Serves as a log book in which you could record machine downtime information during emergency maintenance. Using the recorded information, you can analyze the root causes of machine breakdown and prevent future production halt due to poor maintenance.

TM-SPAREPART MANAGER: A professional solution that monitors spare parts’ availability, alerts you when there is a shortage, analyses spare part consumption. Production downtime caused by spare part shortage and unnecessary overstocking can be prevented.